What I told this new online teacher…

8 September 2015

Today I talked with a teacher who wants to start up her own website — an independent platform that becomes her bread and butter. Ideally, something that can bring in enough to sustain her, full-time.

I told her that the first major action step she needs to take is establish how serious her intention is and SET A BUDGET for her little solo business. It’s important to think of your endeavor as a business if you’re planning on leaving local schools. There are lots of things that have to be paid for — from creating a professional teaching environment in your home to website design and hosting and mentoring and strategy sessions.

Set a budget — both for major expenses (like tech and mentoring) that get made once or twice every few years, and a second budget for recurring expenses (like hosting and digital services) that typically need to be paid for each month.

If you’re not ready to invest in your online presence, don’t be surprised when students don’t invest in you, either.