Twas the night before DELTA

cc - Tom-WatsonTomorrow is the first day of DELTA, Module 1. I have to admit that between my students’ needs and my own expanding business plans of TOEFL teacher training and laying the foundation to build an online school, I haven’t devoted much time to the pre-course reading task.

I just now took a look at it. Phrases like “dictagloss,” “interlanguage” and “cataphoric” stare back at me.

Hmm… I can feel the gears in the back of my mind slowly crank back to life. It’s been years since I was in on that side of the classroom. I am grateful that smart phones now exist. I remember combing through piles of used dictionaries in Powell’s bookstore years ago, searching for the portable-yet-perfectly-comprehensive volume that would fit in my backpack. Now everything is digital.

I’ll just tap my flashcard app, download a good electronic dictionary and voila! I’ll be able to remember what “anaphoric” means in a heartbeat.