The 5-step Map to Teaching ESL Online

Everyone seems to be doing something online, but is it going to be an effective website that brings you the income that you need? I’ve seen what happened to someone who had a decade on me (in terms of teaching experience) invest a bunch of time, energy and money creating a website for students that did absolutely nothing. Loads of effort for zero students and zero income.

It’s deceptively easy to throw up a website.  God knows that is what I did in 2010 (may the the server at crash and erase my horrifying accumulation of pixels).  

It’s another thing to get that website to be profitable.

Since 2010, all of my income has been sourced from teaching online lessons. There is no doubt in my mind that we can accelerate your own success by showing you what I did, and how I sequenced things.

Just like you probably don’t encourage your students to use conditional sentences before you’ve taught them a few other tenses — it’s likewise really important to sequence things in the right way when you’re launching your online ESL teaching career.

Because I really wanted to help that teacher and you get instant clarity about how to launch an online ESL career, I created a 10,000-foot overview of how I got started teaching ESL online (specifically for the TOEFL iBT exam).


Download the infographic now:  the 5-Step Map to Teach ESL Online.


5-step map to become an online ESL teacher

5-step map to become an online ESL teacher