Studying for Delta Module 1

delta schedule module 1 studiesOn Wednesday I paid for my Delta Module 1 exam, so it means that I am officially committed to getting hand cramps on June 4th.

I came home and made a pretty intense study schedule for myself. You can click to enlarge the image here. If I have learned anything in the last four years of watching TOEFL students accomplish daunting tasks, it is that I better haul ass. Of the 30 or so people who are enrolled in Module 1 at ITI, only about 5 of us are actually going to take the test in a few weeks. I made my intense study schedule open and invited others to join, but no one has taken me up on my offer. I got some emails that my schedule is ambitious and stress-inducing. Hehe. Well, I braved it alone this morning. I feel more optimistic than I have in days!

I’ve been breaking up the whole Phonology Monster into little bits and forcing myself to use the IPA. Using Adrian Underhill’s app “Sounds” is also useful.  When I write stuff out, I double-check it with Cambridge’s online dictionary.  I’ve also created some quick flashcards of commonly found words to make sure that I’m good with those.  It literally is a new language, and I have yet to develop the kind of unconscious fluency that the Delta tasks seem to require.  Biting off a little bit every day is manageable and I am seeing progress.  I’m getting a nerdy pleasure from mastering it.  “Yes, I can sort of use this obscure code that used to make me raise my eyebrows in dismay a few months ago.”


Flashcards for Delta Module 1; because my life has become so extremely digital, I really enjoy using paper flashcards.