Since 2010, Jaime Miller has created three digital programs (click here to see them), gone through 5 websites, had her website hacked into, learned how to protect against security flaws, built an online following of nearly 10,000 students and grown from a 1-woman show into a 8-person online team.

If you are embarking on your own digital journey, there are many considerations to make about overall strategy, implementation and marketing. Jaime has experience in the following areas and can guide you on choices about:

  • identifying your niche and unique selling points that eliminate competition
  • converting website visitors into students so you have prospects to contact when there is space in your schedule
  • ethical sales and marketing so you and your organization has a clean conscience
  • automating communication and tracking visitor behavior
  • website design, hosting and security
  • copyrighting your intellectual property
  • forming a business and legally protecting yourself
  • online learning (membership websites and webinar platforms)
  • project management
  • creating, hosting and delivering digital content quickly so your customers are satisfied and do not request refunds for easily-solved technical reasons


Rates & Length
For solo teachers and solo projects, rates start at $175 an hour. For schools and group projects, rates start at $400 an hour.  Sessions can be as short as 30 minutes.

If you prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Non-Compete Agreement, she will sign them so that your intellectual property maintains its competitive advantage.

The Free Consulting “Exploration Session”
Before either party commits to a consulting package, Jaime invites you to schedule a free, 30-minute Consulting Discovery Call.  During this complimentary call, she will ask you questions about your unique challenges.  Based on your answers, she will recommend the next steps that will further your project.

What kind of recommendations will she make? If she doesn’t have the expertise for your project, the chances are very high that she knows someone who does.  If she is confident she can move your project forward, you can discuss a tailored consulting package.

Reserving a Consulting Session
If it feels right to go further with consulting after the Exploration Session, you and Jaime can discuss how she can best support your project.

If you choose a consulting package, you just need to be sure that you prepare by talking out your ideas with a colleague first (or writing about them on paper).  This way, you come to your session with extremely precise questions.  This allows you to quickly get laser-focused answers and solutions to your challenges.


Jaime currently runs two training programs for teachers and tutors.

Online Tutor Launchpad explores how to position yourself with students so that you develop a referral-based online teaching business (as opposed to spending money advertising to students who have never heard of you before). There are many tips and recommendations about how to build an appealing website, present your program to students, and have enrollment conversations with students. Click for more details.

How to Teach Exams is methodology-based and gives teachers lesson plans and a structure for how to customize a learning plan for students to improve their exam scores. It’s a live, group program with lots of Q&A and mentoring sessions. This training is the starting point for teachers who want to explore a long-term alliances with English Success Academy. Click for more details.