Real Feedback about Online Teacher Launchpad

I recently asked Sally G., one of the teachers who is going through the Online Teacher Launchpad for TOEFL iBT, to answer some questions about her experience.  Her responses are below.


1.  What was frustrating or unsatisfying about your previous position teaching English that made you want to do the Online Teacher Launchpad for TOEFL iBT?
There honestly just isn’t much out there for teachers for the TOEFL iBT, it’s usually just self-study books for the student. My workplace didn’t offer any sort of training for the teacher, so I felt alone and lost. I knew the Online Teacher Launchpad would be oriented to the teacher, and help create a guided path.
2.  What were you the most nervous about when you signed up?
Obviously teaching the real students is what made me the most nervous. They really need to pass this test, and that pressure really made me nervous. I wanted to be sure they got their moneys worth from the lesson, but I was worried they wouldn’t feel like that because I was new.
3.  Compare the students at your previous position with the TOEFL iBT students who are coming through English Success Academy.  
Before seeing the students coming through English Success Academy, I’d only dealt with high school students who don’t see the importance of the TOEFL – it’s just an another annoying test on their list that they have to study. The students from ESA are much more driven because it can mean a better job, more money, and being reunited with their family. It’s so much more rewarding to be with those kinds of students, than the ones who think you are torturing them with the exam.
4.  What are you looking forward to after finishing the Online Teacher Launchpad? 
Future jobs will take me more seriously because teaching the TOEFL is not an ordinary, easy thing to do. Future employers will realize I had to be dedicated, hard working, and brave to do that. I think it will open up new jobs and opportunities for me.