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Do you want to create a sustainable online ELT career
that makes you happy, pays your bills and gives you
the freedom to live anywhere?



How would your life change if you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world and have a day of ESL lessons that you love to teach? Not just the “Meh… Well at least I’m getting paid” lessons — but the “I love this student! Is this even work?” lessons.

Or what if you could find enough students to fill your schedule that you could plan vacations with family and friends whenever you wanted?

How good would it feel to set your own schedule and know that you never again need to drag yourself to insanely early, late or weekend lessons?

No, seriously, what if your student base was as portable as your laptop? And your bank account stayed happy?

You deserve this as your life.

If you are an ESL/ELT professional of any stripe who has ever struggled to make money online doing what you love, read on.


I had been teaching in Istanbul for some time when I got the message on Facebook. Thousands of miles away, my college roommates were having a reunion.

Could I go?

Nope, sorry. This girl has got to pay bills. Too little notice. Too far. Too much trouble. Obstacles, obstacles.

As I clicked through every happy photo they eventually posted on Facebook, I got more and more miserable.

It felt so painful to be caught between choosing great relationships with my students or great relationships with family and friends. Did I really have to pick sides?

Truthfully, it wasn’t difficult to imagine a future where I had it all.



Of course, I started with a website (poorly-designed and hand-coded… definitely a prototype for today’s). It was a start.

Within two years, I was able to transition out of local schools into teaching online full-time. By carefully nurturing students who contact me, I get as much work as I want and need… and I’ve created three digital programs that I sell directly to students.

I sold most of my belongings in 2014 and moved from Istanbul to California to London to a small town in West Virginia and… Meanwhile, I’ve been teaching meaningful lessons to students who I adore. We can be together, no matter where I am.

It’s not magic. It’s not luck. It took an investment of time, energy and money in the right places to create the teaching career I love.

Want that kind of success for yourself? Let me show you how to get it — with a much shorter learning curve than it took for me.


Not that you couldn’t find your own way.

But it takes time to get lost, make mistakes, and learn from them. Meanwhile, you still have to pay your bills. You might start to question if you’re capable of having an online career in the first place. I’ve seen amazing, gifted teachers give up because they didn’t have any support and took the wrong turn at a critical juncture.

Honestly, trial and error is the most expensive investment you can make in developing an online teaching career.

The fact is that when you know where the problems are — digital potholes, speed bumps and dead-ends are — you can avoid them completely.

Students all over the world are waiting for you to become visible so they can get the life they want.

Get the map. Get online. Get found.

A year from now, you’ll be glad you started today.


This is Your Invitation to Join Us …

Online Tutor Launchpad

With Jaime Miller

an 8-week  Business Development Course for Tutors

Start Today!

The video lessons have already been recorded and are waiting for you in our online study website.

After paying, you have access to the 8 training sessions and action steps, so you can work through them as slowly or quickly as you like.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

an overview of the 8 weeks of accountability and business-development

Concept 1: Specialize

We begin by identifying the ESL students you help best (and which students drain your energy). The more clarity you have about who you provide the best help to, the faster students can see for themselves that you’re the obvious choice.  

This is critical to attract students’ attention and keep it focused on you in a sea of “ELT Option Overwhelm.”

Concept 2: Curate Your Resources

When you teach on line, you have to be able to share your resources online. That means creating your own library or archive.

You’ll get the pro’s and con’s of high-tech and low-tech options for sharing your resources with your students. Making the right choice for YOU will save you save time and effort when you’re teaching and make you look like the pro you are.

Concept 3: Create Your Online Presence

Of course having a website is essential… But you need to know how to get potential students on your website and how to keep them there long enough to find out how you can help.

You’ll meet the mastermind behind my own online presence and get his strategy for the best way to engineer all those pixels and pages into a friendly, navigable web presence that works for learners.  

Concept 4: Set Up Your Admin

Now it’s your thing — you call the shots. It’s time to clarify your ideal schedule and relish it.

You’ll put together the kinds of lesson packages (or ELT services) you love teaching the most, and decide on price points.

You’ll write your own rules and procedures for late arrivals, cancellations, refunds, and homework policies. The respect will flow in as students are challenged to rise to a new standard.

Concept 5: Get All the Students You can Handle

Magnetize students who cannot wait to learn from you. Not some other teacher. Not some random, faceless school. You.

Not only that, you’ll know how to have next week’s students lined up, we’ll also have a template for two “sleaze-free” models to fuel word-of-mouth referrals so you don’t waste money on paid advertising.

Online Tutor Launchpad

with Jaime Miller

It’s time to get with massive clarity about how to create a solo teaching platform that sustains you for years to come.

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3 monthly payments of $300
1 payment of $750

Pay 3 installments of $300
Pay 1 installment of $750

Try Online Tutor Launchpad for a full 2 weeks, risk free.  If you decide that this program isn’t for you, then request a refund before the start of the third week for a full refund.

What can you expect from Jaime?

From what I've seen of Jaime's one woman dynamo approach to online teaching, I've been amazed at her enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge. If I was looking to get back into teaching full time, I would be following her advice. For EFL teachers, all too often language schools do not offer a viable career, lifestyle or good working conditions but teachers don't know how to go it alone. Having someone help you navigate that is all you need.

Nicola Prentis ,
ELT Award winning materials writer and blogger at


Scott Thornbury, ELT author, responding after Jaime’s presentation at Innovate ELT in Barcelona


Common Questions

You can start as soon as you pay.

I recommend you find 5 to 8 hours each week. You should set aside 2 hours a week to attend the webinar. The length of Q&A sessions will vary, but it is safe to budget another 90 to 120 minutes to review those.

Then you will need time to implement. Each module will include action points and activities to focus on. It is likely you would need a minimum of 3 hours a week to implement. The more time you devote to building your online career, the faster you will make progress.

Doing things totally alone, in isolation, can actually slow down your overall progress.

In the program, you’ll get connected with other ambitious ELT professionals who will form part of your accountability group. Some of the course work is to have focused conversations with these trusted peers. We make the most progress in business through collaboration — and you will benefit from the professional relationships you cultivate in this course.

This isn’t setting up a profile on iTalki or Wyzant by clicking some buttons. Online Tutor Launchpad shows you the stepping stones that lead to a sustainable career. That doesn’t happen overnight or without regular maintenance.

If I had stopped with my first ideas in 2010, I wouldn’t be here today.

If you are decisive and focused, you can keep pace with the course schedule and make substantial progress in each of the 5 core modules by the end of the 8 weeks.

By enrolling in Online Tutor Launchpad, you are embarking on a successful online career. These concepts aren’t things that you cross off a list and forget about. To be your best, you need to revisit and refine what you create.

If you are starting completely from scratch, it is realistic to estimate you need to invest energy and money in your online platform 3-4 days a week for 9-12 months before you have measurable traction.

If you begin Online Tutor Launchpad with some materials, ideas, or a website, you could see results much sooner than a year.

Of course, your other teaching commitments affect the speed of your online evolution. Being fully committed (energetically, financially and time-wise) is the surest way to see results faster than I estimate.

Embrace the evolution. This is a safe community to ask all kinds of questions so you take confident action.

Yes, you will need to make additional investments to implement the concepts that we explore. Throughout the webinars, as I explain solutions to common problems, I will offer recommendations about exactly what I did.
Some of your extra investments are repeated only every few years (like video recording equipment or purchasing certain elements of your website).

Other investments have to be done every month (like automated scheduling software, or services which send emails automatically on your behalf).

For more detail on this, please check out the interactive quiz in the first question above (called “How do I know I’m a good fit for this program?”) and read the responses for different answers on Question 5.

I know, we just met and this feels like a big decision. I appreciate that. Over the coming days and months, I’ll have more things to share with you — like video interviews and blog posts with ESL professionals who teach online and the link to register and attend my live Q&A call.

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