I’m presenting “The Future of Online ESL Teaching”

Amazing news!  So I spent Friday through Tuesday at the IATEFL conference in Manchester, England and I met the amazing committee who gave me the Online Teaching Scholarship (so that I could attend for free).  I could literally talk your ear off about everything that happened at IATEFL but… Here’s the coolest thing…

It turns out that there’s another conference in Barcelona, Spain. (I’ve literally had my head down and my nose to the grindstone for the last 5 years working on English Success Academy and the programs for students. I am so behind on what is going on in the big, wide world of tech…)

This one is May 8th and 9th and it’s called Innovate ELT.

Someone suggested I try to present.

It seemed really audacious to me because obviously they would have set their program and presenters ages ago, right?  Well, I whipped something up and submitted a proposal on Tuesday. Yesterday, Thursday, I found out that they’ve accepted and are adding me to the program.

If you click here, you can see the fancy presentation proposal webpage that I showed the committee but if you’re too lazy to click, here’s the short version:

The Future of Online ESL Teaching:  

Reflections & Predictions from

a 5-year TOEFL iBT Private Online Tutor

  In my talk, I discuss:

  •  My history of teaching TOEFL iBT online since 2010 and my predictions of how “ed tech” will change the online playing field – both for automated and human ESL
  • How teaching online can empower teachers to have greater independence and agency in the direction of their careers, and live fuller lives — and which trappings they need to avoid
  • My vision for how English teachers will form ethical online schools and collaborative career “ecosystems” so they are known, respected and paid by motivated students

You know those moments when you get really exciting news? There might be jumping up and down and squealing, or at the very least, big cheesy grins.  Yeah… Well all that happened on a train platform in London when I saw the email from the committee.  I am still totally amazed!  The committee said yes!  I’M GOING TO BARCELONA, BABY! :-D

Sorting out my flights is a separate inconvenience. I had been planning on returning to America on April 23rd, but it no longer makes sense to do that when I’m just coming back a couple weeks later.

Anyway — I just wanted to let you know what is for me, a huge, symbolic step forward.

Do you think I should try to film it?  Would you want to watch it?