The Face of Virtual ELT (ep1) “Learner Coach” vs. “Teacher”

When your ESL students aren’t excited about English, it’s hard for you to be excited, either.  That’s why I knew I had to share two really important teacher trainers with you.  I met Daniel Barber and Duncan Foord at the Innovate ELT conference and I asked them to do an interview with me for my new series, The Face of Virtual ESL.  You can get it as a video or audio-only podcast below.

In the  interview below, you’ll hear Daniel and Duncan dive into concepts from their book, From English Teacher to Learner Coach.  They talk about…

  • What it means to be a “learner coach” and why you should incorporate these principles into lessons
  • How to handle students (or your D.O.S.) if you meet with resistance about integrating “learner coach” techniques into your existing lessons
  • Two easy lesson plans for breathing life back into classes that have lost momentum

My biggest surprise?  That learners as young as 4 can articulate their goals and bring motivation and direction to the classroom.

Check it out.  It will be 45 minutes very well spent.