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I’ve spoken with so many teachers who are overwhelmed about how to move forward with their career.

If you’ve got drive, I can help you get clarity about where to channel your energy to get results without wasting time. After an Exploration Session with me, I’ll know about who you are and what is important to you. That way, I can give you advice about the best way for you to get that.

“Really enjoyed chatting to you and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm now!”

– Jane B.

“​Our chat had a big impact on me. I really took the time to sit down and look at what I was doing and where I wanted to be. ​I realized I was in the wrong country, and teaching ESL online without getting any financial stability. Our talk allowed me to break my big picture down into smaller steps. ​I​ was offered several ​contracts in Russia and I’ll be able to save money and follow the small steps. ​ ​​When I get stuck, I think about our conversation and sit down to make sure that what I’m doing now helps get me to the next step. Without your influence and inspiration, I literally wouldn’t be here right now.”

– ​Chris J.

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