At the ELTons 2016

In early June, the ELTons award ceremony was generously put on by British Council and I was lucky enough to be there.

(If you haven’t heard of the ELTons before, it’s an annual event that celebrates authors and material writers in a variety of areas. The categories for awards are Excellence in Course Innovation, Innovation in Learner Resources, Innovation in Teacher Resources, Digital Innovation, Local Innovation, and New Talent in Writing. Four to six projects are nominated for each category and after a very secretive-yet-fair judging process known as the Delphi technique, a winner is determined.)

at the ELTons, 2016 Rob Howard Jaime Miller

My friend, Rob Howard had been nominated for Innovation in Teacher Resources for his massive webinar-based professional development project, EFL Talks, and since I am who he knows in London, I was able to go. The ELTons have to be the industry’s fanciest event. This was my first time, so I don’t know if it is like this every year, but it was held in a posh location in central London. There was more than one tux. Even Rob was in a suit. That’s how fancy we’re talking.

I had some great photos of the inside of the venue that I wanted to show you, but my husband accidentally formatted my SD memory card… Thankfully the live broadcast is safe.

I found out about so many really great projects at the 2016 ELTons.

Everyone and every project who made the shortlist for the ELTons is worthy of mention. I wanted to make sure it is easy for you to find out more about each one because I’m sure there is at least one gem that is relevant for you.

In the list below, the winner of each category has two brackets >>

Excellence in Course Innovation

Complete courses in any, or a variety of, media (books, websites, CD-ROMS, audio, teachers’ book)

Innovation in Learner Resources

Any product or service aimed at learners

Innovation in Teacher Resources

Any product or service aimed at teachers, including training, education or development

Digital Innovation

A digital product or service that enhances learning through the innovative use of technology

Local Innovation

Learner or teacher solutions developed at a local, national or regional level to meet a specific local need and within a specific local context

The Macmillan Education Award for New Talent in Writing

Sponsored by Macmillan Education, this award is open to authors who have not yet published with a commercial publisher. It recognizes new talent in writing in any media. The winner receives £1,000 and the opportunity to publish their work.

  • >> Academic English for the 21st Century Learner – Aylin Graves
  • Advanced Phrases and Expressions – James Warwick
  • CLIL in my classroom – Jelena Petrovic and Marijana Nikolic
  • My Friend TED: Academic Listening with TED Talks – Naheen Madarbakus-Ring
  • Study Skills for Academic Reading – Ian Pemberton

 Lifetime Achievement in ELT Award


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