About Me

I’m Jaime Miller. I own the online school and e-learning platform, English Success Academy. Since 2010, I’ve been developing multimedia content to improve the scores of my online TOEFL iBT students (including the courses featured in the picture).

Where I’ve Presented

Innovate ELT in Barcelona, Spain (2015) on The Future of ESL

EFL Magazine’s Online Teaching Summit (2015) on Setting Up The Ideal Home Office

IATEFL in Birmingham, England (2016) on How to Fix Fossilized Errors: A Lesson Sequence

Paulino Brenner’s Online Teacher Summit (2017) on Why Teach Exam Prep?

How I Can Help You

Whether you’re an ESL teacher or materials writer, I can help you reach more learners online. (But I won’t tell you to lower your prices, compete against the masses, or teach absolutely any learner who shows up with a wallet.)

I know online ESL inside and out. I started teaching TOEFL iBT lessons via Skype in 2010. By 2012, I made the leap to earning 100% of my income from online ESL sources. I know the process of scaling from a one-woman show into a multi-person online team, from 0 students to 1000’s.

If it is time to create an online reputation, build digital trust and sell ethically to learners, you are in the right place.

The internet is big! Don’t lose me!

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